Video Review

1) What do you is the most apt tittle for this video?

From the video 1, discuss about the sacrifices shown by the (i) mother and (ii) son.

From the video 2, discuss about the sacrifices shown by (i) father and (ii) son.

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  1. video 1- am absent

    video 2-the son needed to sacrifice his life and work only for his father and only to serve his father but the father had to sacrifice his whole life to raise his kid.The father their is no cost of taking care of his son but the son taking care of father there is cost.

  2. Video1:
    i)The mother had to let the son go and do his work tho she hasn't seen him in a long time
    ii)The son had to leave his mother behind to finish his work

    i)The father had to use alot of money to bring up his son
    ii)The son had to go and help his father so he had to use his time and money

  3. 1) Parents. The two videos shows the love of the parents to the children.
    2) The mother cooked the son favorite dish when the son return home.
    3)The father look after the child, without asking the children paying anything.

  4. 1) At no charge.
    1: The Mother sacrificed her bedroom for her son to have a good night's sleep. The son sacrificed his work to be with his mother.
    2. The father raised his son without charging him anything. The son worked hard for the family.

  5. the mother had to let his son go to work although she did not see him for a long time.
    the son left his work behind to stay with his mother.

    the father used a lot of money to bring up his son
    the son had to help his father instead of playing

  6. Video 1:
    The mother let her child be independent and to provide income to her. However, the child does not spend too much time with her.

    Video 2:
    The father told his son that no charges will be given for taking care of the child.

  7. 1) Family. The video shows the relationships and sacrifices made within a family

    Video 1- The mother did not spend much time with her son
    The son sacrificed his work to spend time with his mother

    video 2 - the son sacrificed his time to buy things for his father
    The money that the father sacrificed to raise his son could not be calculated

  8. 1)Family and Love

    Video 1:
    (i)Wasting her time taking care of her son by cooking for him ,giving him her bedroom to sleep in etc.

    (ii)Reducing time spent with his mother by going to hotels for internet connection t work till late in the night.

    Video 2:
    (i)The father used loads of money on his son.

    (ii)The son had to go to help his father on errands,thus wasting money.

  9. Video one
    i) The mother gave up spending her time with her son.
    ii) The son sacrificed his work for his mother.

    Video two:
    i) The father used a lot of money to bring up his son
    ii) The son helped his father, using up his own time.

  10. 1) Family love.
    2) Both show love of parents to their child and vice versa, they also show the sacrifices of the parents
    3) The son sacrificed his time to do work to spend hari raya with his mother and the mother sacrificed her time with her son to let him finish his work.
    4) The son wanted his father to pay him for his services at home as it was not fair to not get paid for doing work but he did not realize the that his father was not charging him for the cost of bringing him up.

  11. Video 1) The mother sacrifices her time spent with her son as he has to work everyday, while the son sacrifices his work to spend time with his mother.

    Video 2) The father has to sacrifice his money and his time to take care of his son, and the son sacrifices his time to help his father to run errands.

  12. 1) Title: Love your parents

    Video 1
    (i) The mother worked hard for her son and she had to let his son go to do his work
    (ii) The son need to leave home as he had to do work.

    Video 2
    (i) The father paid a lot of money for his son and took care for him
    (ii) The son had to be embarassed by his friends and he have to do work.

  13. I think the most apt one would be Filial Piety
    1. As children should appreciate whut they're parents do for them as they grow.
    2, the mother cooked the son's dinner and made him new clothes
    3, The father helped pay the son's expenses as he grew while the son helped the father do errands.

  14. 1:
    i) The mother allowed the son to go to town to do his work even though they haven't seen each other for a long time.

    ii) The son sacrificed the precious opportunity he had with his mother to do his work. But in the end, he realised that what he had done was wrong thus, he ended up sacrificing his work to spend more time with his mother.

    i) The father sacrificed and under took the burden to raise up the son. Thus sacrificing his time and money.

    ii) The son had to sacrifice his play time with his friends to help his father with his work.

  15. In my opinion, an apt title for the video would be "Love Means Sacrifice".

    1) The mother sacrificed her bedroom (comfort) to let her son have a good sleep, and made him new clothes. She also cooked him dinner and ensured his comfort. The son, however, sacrificed his work and, indirectly, his money to spend time with his mother, and came all the way from Pahang to spend time with her.

    2) The son did errands for his father, and in doing so sacrificed his play time and had to put in effort. The father, however, sacrificed his comfort and life to raise his son, and spent a lot of money in doing so.