CE lesson on 16 May 2011

Dear all,

Kindly use today's CE period to discuss about the next potential CIP that the class will like to do (probably during June hols or the first few weeks of Term 3). Loynes and Danish will be facilitating this class discussion session. They will be discussing with you on 3 things:
  1. Possible available dates for CIP (Exclude Week 2 and 3 of the June hols as they are "block out" weeks for the entire school)
  2. Nature/ Type of community service that we want to do
  3. Initial investigation/ information gathering (done by whole class)

On another note, as a continuation of our last CE lesson on elections, kindly do the following:
  1. Review the internet to find out about the post- General Elections public sentiments towards the inclusion of 6 WP politicians as new MPs in the PAP-dominated parliament and/or loss of PAP's contesting team at Aljunied GRC.
  2. Do up a table on Pages with two columns (Public Sentiments towards WP, Public Sentiments towards PAP), and summarise in point form, the public sentiments towards a new chapter in Singapore politics.
  3. Have a quick review on the political websites of each party in Singapore (e.g. PAP, WP, SDP, RP, NSP, SPP, etc.) and comment on how each party capitalises on the use of social media for all their political campaigning efforts. Put in your comment postings under this post.


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