A letter to Marcus

Dear Marcus,

How are you? Are you still playing games so much such that you might not even reply to my letter?
I knew it all along. I hate to break it to you Marcus, but you are addicted. Yes, you are addicted. You have been extensively playing Minecraft at the expense of your health. Now you want to play Call Of Duty, how much worse can you get? Do you know what you are missing out on? all those hours can be used to have a good time with your family, or train for NAPFA, but you go home and plonk yourself in front of the computer and jump into your blocky world of Minecraft...
I know you want to say that I am addicted as well, but at least I control myself by limiting my playtime. You can fight addiction, its all up to you.

Its your life. Its your fight.
Its yourself.

From a fellow Minecrafter,

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