A letter to a gamer

Dear Adam,
You might disagree with me on this, but it’s crystal clear that you’re addicted to gaming. Please don’t try and deny this - accepting that you have a slight problem is your first step to stop being addicted to gaming. 
Now then, let me ask you a question. Would you rather live in a virtual world that never becomes a reality, or would you rather live in a real world, where things are all real? And do you really think that playing games like Minecraft are good for your eyesight? You’re in the SYFC, for crying out loud! Without good eyesight, you just cannot fly aircraft. Also, playing games too much will affect how you do in school, and your social life. You’ll lose your social skills, and, pretty soon, nobody would take you seriously.
I personally like MacBooks, and other Apple products. I understand that the MacBooks we own, those powerful works of art we carry to school everyday, are great tools, for learning and serious work, but also for gaming and slacking. I’m not saying that you can’t ever have fun on your Mac, but I realize that it is only as great as its user - and that’s us. We control what the MacBook does - if we use it wisely, it is a great tool and companion, but if we use it for excessive gaming and slacking, it can ruin our lives.
So please think about what I have said. I might sound un-cool now, but in 20 years, you’ll appreciate this letter.
Best Regards,
Balram Sharma


  1. True True. He's right adam

  2. stop making speeches

  3. balram get a life