Gaming Addiction is Real~

Dear some other human,

I know this sounds awkward but face the facts, you are addicted to gaming. Well, sorta. I know that breaking a habit is tough but this is for greater good. I was once like this but I managed to break free on my own. It was a tough thing to do as I use the MacBook everyday so, its very tempting. Well, even though you say, “Wow, this guy was addicted and managed to break free. Maybe I can too so... I will just play first since I can break free later.” This kind of attitude is dangerous and you’ll find yourself getting more addicted and more addicted till you play for two or more days non-stop. Yeah, so once you or another person says that you are addicted, stop gaming at once and plan on how you can break this habit. Face it, ADDICTION IS REAL.

That’s all for now,

By Joshua.


Note:The author is not and never was addicted to gaming. All the stuff written here is fake and just for enjoyment. Nyah~:D

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