Suggested Revision Techniques for the various Learning Styles

Hey guys, please consider the below list of effective revision techniques for the various learning styles that is predominant in the way you are accustomed to learning.

Visual Techniques
1) Write out notes using different coloured pens
2) Draw diagrams and charts and write captions to explain what they mean
3) Re-write facts, formulas, information, notes on big flash cards
4) Visually organise your notes into columns, page sections and forms
5) Create keynote presentation to summarise what you have learned
6) Use timelines
7) Use highlighters
8) Use mind maps
9) Read text books with diagrams & photographs
10) Watch Videos/You Tube
11) Underline key words and complete fill in the blank activities
12) Write summaries of what you have revised
13) Write captions on diagrams to explain what they mean.

Auditory Techniques
1) Do a podcast to summarise what you have learned
2) Write lists of words that link to keywords
3) Give presentations and speeches to yourself and record your presentation/ speeches
4) Make word searches and crosswords
5) Record notes after you listen to podcasts
6) Discuss facts, concepts and ideas with a friend.
7) Do homework in a group
8) Use rhymes and songs to memorise facts
9) Read aloud
10) Take part in debates

Kinesthetic Techniques
1) Write notes on post-it notes and arrange them into topics
2) Write key words and phrases on post-it notes
3) Create concept and mind-maps
4) Label diagrams and graphs
5) Create flow charts to explain information
6) Make models
7) Move around while learning something new
8) Write note on post-it and arrange them into topics
9) Play revision games on the internet
10) Write key words and phrases on post-it or note pads.

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