Hey guys.
Here's the homework for today.

1) Science:  Complete Worksheet 4: Moments & Homework 4: Moments (by Thurs) and Worksheet 5: Energy until page 6. 

2) Maths: For Friday's lesson, read Chapter 3. Complete Assignment 2 by Friday. (Its graded, so dont screw this one up, guys!) Write notes for Chapters 1 to 3 in the Maths notebook. Maths Journal (Zero) complete it by Friday and print it out.

3) HMT: Gunakan "Keynote" atau aplikasi lain untuk buat sebuah presentation tentang gambar yang menunjukkan kamu dan keluarga kamu.

4) ADMT: Trexi design

5) History: Complete the SBQ Practice 2.

*For the Math Journal: Remember to paste the Critical Thinking Wheel on the first page and write down the Universal Intellectual Standards below the wheel.

Thats it, complete your assignments on time, yeah? (:


  1. Pink lemonade ned do also

  2. Yeah, I guess so, if you havent done it yet. (: