SST School Policy - Revisited

Dear darlings of S1-03,

Just a timely reminder of our SST School Policy (click to access document) for all of us...

Lately, I've noticed some minor transgressions of our school policy, e.g. late-coming, unacceptable usage of learning device, etc. Please be mindful of your roles and responsibilities as an SST student.

As a general guide, these are the things you'll have to take note:

If absent from school (MC/other valid immediate reasons):
  • Inform Mr Seth Tan via SMS the day before/ on the day itself (before assembly)
  • Go see a doctor and obtain medical certification/ obtain other forms of proof of absence
  • Submit certificates (for accountability purposes) on the day you return back to school
  • Engage a classmate to update you on class lessons/ tasks

If absent from school (know before hand)
  • Inform Mr Seth Tan via email to obtain approval
  • Submit (hardcopy or email) proof of excuse from school
  • Update class Chairperson (Jee Hoon) and Secretary (Sharifa) on your absence for that particular day

If you need to leave school during school hours (not feeling well, attend competitions/ external tests, etc)

  • Inform Mr Seth Tan
  • Inform General Office and obtain Early Dismissal form and duly fill it up. Get class EXCO members to help.

If late for school
  • Inform Mr Seth Tan via SMS if possible that you're going to be late for school
  • Report to the back of the Hall (behind S2-09 class) if you come to school late, but before 7.50am.
  • Report to the General Office if you come to school late, after 7.50am.
  • From General Office, collect Latecoming Slip and get subject teacher to sign. Get parents to sign and return back the Latecoming Slip to form teacher/ General Office on the following day.

If you misuse your learning device (LD)
  • "misuse" = any form of gaming not sanctioned by the teacher OR accessing facebook during lesson time OR accessing objectionable websites OR playing with MAC applications not required for the particular lesson, etc..
  • Consequences: Misuse of LD will constitute Level 1 offence for initial offenders, Level 2 offence for repeated offenders. Offenders will also be required to write reflection pieces, have their LDs confiscated and parents will be informed to come down personally to SST to collect the LDs.

Thought of making all these procedures clear to all, so as to encourage all of us to take appropriate actions in preventing or responding to the above situations. We all need to be responsible so that the good name of SST will be upheld. You are and will be good SST students and as your form teacher, I believe in you.

For your reference and compliance, please.

Thank you,
Mr Seth Tan