Hey guys.

Here's the homework for today. (:

1) EL: Download the "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior" document from the GoogleSite and answer the  questions by writing in your journal.
Don't forget about the Digital Story (draft of storyboard and script) due Feb 17th.

2) Geography: Study for the test!

3) ICT: Submit the Pages doc. you guys did into the GoogleSite.

4) S&W: For those who have not finished the brochure, finish it by next Friday.

5) Maths: Don't forget about the Real Numbers mindmap. Email it to Ms Tan and print it out.
There's a Maths diagnostic test (Real Numbers) this Friday. Don't forget to study! (:

Guys, don't forget to refer to the duty roster (cleanliness of class), which is up on the noticeboard (near the teacher's table). I really appreciate if you guys do your duties.

Good luck for the Geography test tomorrow! (:
Thats all.