Hey guys.

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend and collect lots and lots of money. Heh. (;
Here's the homework.

1) Maths: Real Numbers mindmap worksheet. -Due on Friday
                Real Numbers diagnostic test tomorrow, don't forget to study, okay? (:

2) English: For those who have not done the corrections for the diagnostic test composition, finish it and hand in tomorrow.

3) Character Education: Email the 'letter to your future self' to Mr Tan at seth_tan@sst.edu.sg

4) Geography: For those who have not completed the journal, rewrite the 4 pages of Natural Resources document on paper, 2 times. Due on Friday.

Yang terlibat dalam Gema Puisi Artistik, jangan lupa untuk memberi ibu bapa kamu surat yang diberi Cikgu Azizah untuk ditandatangani.

Thats it. Good luck for the Maths diagnostic test tomorrow! (: