Hey guys.
Here's homework.

1) Maths: Do the diagnostic test corrections, do it on foolscap if you do not have any space on the paper.
   Do the Worksheet 3 corrections.
   Dont forget about the Assignment 1 due this Friday.
   Complete Workheet 6.

2) Geography: Complete the Maps book.

3) History: Complete the timeline in the Journal.

4) HMT: Jangan lupa untuk tunjukkan kertas ujian kepada ibu bapa untuk ditandatangani.

5) Science: Complete the Forces worksheet and Worksheet 4 pages 8-10.

6) English: Don't forget about the Common Test next Wednesday on Personal Recount. 


  1. Sorry guys, forgot about the other English homework. Dont forget to do the handout 3 for English.

  2. thanks Sharifa. you're the best!:)