Hey guys. (:

Here's homework.

1) Maths: Post the History of Numbers poster on Math blog. You also need to hand in a short write-up (report, maximum 3 pages) about what the poster is about. Post the rubrics given too.
Do corrections for diagnostic test and do the Assignment 2 worksheet. Its graded, so dont screw this one up, guys!
You guys also need to read up on your Maths textbook, chapter 2.

2) Science: Create a video of your item & post it on the site. Due by 7 February, Monday
The video must not be more than 1 minute and have to upload to YouTube before posting.
Those groups who have not completed the GoogleSite, please complete it as soon as possible. 

Thats it. (:


  1. we can do the video any way we like, right? cos i want to do stopmotion and im scared we actually have to act it out instead

  2. Acting out would be harder. best is 2 do animation

    Jee Hoon

  3. i think u should say that sch end at about 10.30am

  4. @deming mr tan posted that already
    @jee hoon and are you doing animation?

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  6. I'm using Phun and doing screen recording

  7. Need to post on youtube or not

  8. I'm using Phun and recording what happens, just like Terrence. But then again, you can't really include text in Phun, can you? Anyway, how do we post our videos onto our Google Sites?