Storyboarding tips

Here are some of the storyboarding tips that you may like to consider before designing your Keynote presentation for next Friday's SST Badge Ceremony (14 Jan 2011).

  • Template ("Theme" function in Keynote)
  • Font (Heading, body text)
  • Types of images/ video
  • Layout of the objects in a slide
  • '7 - 7' principle in designing a slide
I have uploaded some photos in the class albums (see links in the right column menu). Do select and make use of some of these photos in your presentation slides to add colour to them!

We'll have our first CE lesson on next Monday, 1-2pm (10 Jan). Please have your first draft of your presentation ready before the lesson. Thanks!

Have fun!
Mr Seth Tan

PS: Refer to Tips for Presentation Visuals for more ideas...

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