Photo-taking for S1-03 on 27 Jan 1.10pm @ Outside Hall

Dear all,

Kindly take note that all of you have a class photo-taking session on 27 Jan (Thursday) at 1.10pm, outside the hall. Please be there 5 minutes before time, thanks! Class EXCO, kindly help me organise the class ya. :)

Take note of the following:

  • For every class, there will be one formal class shot, and one fun/more relaxed class shot. Every class is given 20 minutes for the photoshoot.
  • Upon reaching the photoshoot venue, do line up according to height for ease of arranging positions within the shot. EXCO, please help.
  • Dress code for students:
    - School Uniform - Polo Tees and Skirts/Pants
    - Neat Hair (guys, take note. if you need hairgel, I can provide)
    - No jackets/windbreakers
    - No overwhelming accessories


Mr Seth Tan


  1. ok but why can't we wear our jackets?

  2. there is no need for the hairgel

  3. @ethan so we can see the uniform? LOL.

    and wow, that's early for phototaking. in my pri sch we had our photo taking session at around october...

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  5. photo taking at 27 jan, World Travel 731 (callsign)

  6. @jee hoon you seriously didnt need to do that