Duties of Class Committee Members

Class Chairperson

a. To provide leadership to the Class Exco members, heads of each sub-committee and classmates in promoting school spirit and culture within the class.

b. To work closely with the Form Teacher to ensure smooth running of class activities and inform any problems or challenges within the class.

c. To facilitate class meetings together with Vice-Chairperson, with guidance from Form Teacher. When need arises, to conduct class executive committee meetings with Form Teacher.

d. To maintain discipline in the class especially during assemblies, in between lessons and when moving from class to class.

e. To embrace the SST’s school values and be a role model for classmates.


a. To assist the Class Chairperson in his/her roles and responsibilities listed above

b. To cover the duties of the Class Chairperson in his/her absence.

c. To ensure the sub-committees carry out their duties responsibly.


a. To monitor movement of classmates and ensure that no one leaves the class without the permission of the Form/Subject Teacher. To write the names of absentees on the whiteboard before the first period daily.

b. To assist the Form Teacher and Class Chairperson in any administrative matters.

c. To record minutes of executive committee and class meetings and forward to Form

Teacher and Level Co-ordinator.

d. To update homework and any class events on the class blog.

e. To come up with Duty Roster for the class and provide gentle reminders to classmates to do their duties.


a. To collect money and keep a proper account of all collections and expenditure. Collect money only when needed. All money must be passed to Account Department or Form Teacher within the same day.

Welfare / Service Learning Committee - Welfare / SL coordinator

a. To ensure the general well-being of the class through class and school-wide activities

b. To organize class bonding activities to build healthy relationships between members in class eg games, birthday celebrations...

c. To assist and liaise with Service Learning Teacher I/C on matters related to Service Learning

IT Committee - Cyber Wellness Ambassador

a. To be the class contact persons in activities related to Cyber Wellness within the class, school and community.

b. To report any misuse or abuse of IT-related incidents to Form Teacher

National Education Committee - NE representatives

a. To be the class contact persons in activities related to National Education within the class, school and community.

b. To assist NE Committee in organising NE-related events such as Total Defence Day, National day Celebrations, Racial Harmony Day etc,...

Sports & Wellness Committee - Sports & Wellness representatives

a. To be the class contact persons in activities related to Sports and Wellness

b. To organise school-wide events related to the Sports and Wellness Department

Publicity Committee - Publicity representatives

a. To be the class contact persons in publicity events within the class and school.

b. To assist the school’s Corporate Communication Department in publicity and community outreach activities.