Hey SoapDrones. (:

Here's the homework for today.

1) Science: Physics worksheet (page 7, Worksheet 1: Speed)
                  Summary Notes worksheet (the HW last week) *hand in by Thursday.
                  GoogleSite (edit the correct answers according to the comments from Ms Tan)

2) Maths: Finish worksheet.

3) English: Assignment (Digital story) and will be graded/shown to parents during Parent-Teacher Meeting                 in March, so don't screw this one up, guys!
                  You guys can also get the ppt at he GoogleSite for more information.
                   Also dont forget to 'hand in' the Personal Recount doc & Roald Dahl & MM Lee doc at the Submit Folder.

4) HMT (ML): Jangan lupa untuk bawa kamus awak esok.

Don't forget to do your homework. (:

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