Hey guys. Here's the homework for today.

1) Maths: Do questions 3, 7, 8, 9 & 10 on page 15, in textbook. Complete the questions on foolscap      paper.
                Comment on the post in the Maths blog, about the 'Definitions of Maths'.
                Prepare your Maths file (any colour) and file in the extra worksheets.
                Finish your poster for the history of numbers.

2) ADMT: Draw any two objects given on the worksheet, an draw a vanishing point below the object.

3) Bring your Physics file (red) and file in the extra worksheets.

Loynes, Danish and the NE representatives, you guys are welcome to join the EXCO meeting tomorrow, aft school to discuss about the CNY hamper and decorations.

Okay, don't forget to do your homework. (:


  1. this is awesome cos i have short term memory :D
    thanks ;)

  2. its good enough she posts it so don't complain

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  4. Sharifah is the best secretary. i am glad we chose her she is just awesome!