Hey guys. (:

Here's the homework for today:

1. History - Complete the Source Types Quiz.
2. Chinese - Complete pages 1 & 2 on workbook. 
(I'm not really sure about Chinese, Jee Hoon told me about it. Sorry about that.)

Those who aren't sure what their roles in the class is, (especially those who had to go home early) you can ask me. (:

And also, congrats to Jee Hoon and Gregory for being Chairman/Vice-Chairman for S1-03! :D

Thats it. (:


  1. Stop using smiley signs. PLEASE

  2. Congrats to all who got the role they wanted
    And to the remaining to V.I.P.s whom sharifa did not congratulate CONGRATS

  3. you forgot to post that there is a maths test today and the is a maths project that we were supposed to do.
    details are on the maths blog