Class Outing - Pls reply on your available dates!

Dear all,

We're thinking of having a class outing to Sentosa (most probably picnic and games at the beach area).
The possible dates that we've identified are 9th Dec (Fri) and 12th Dec (Mon).

Kindly respond to this blog posting with a comment on whether you can make it for one/both dates (specify please), so that we can decide on a confirmed date to go (based on the majority).


Banner Design 2012

EOY Surveys

Please see appended link to the surveys.

Part A (Do according to your allocation, by 31 Oct)
Part B (ALL must do, by 31 Oct)

Part C (ALL must do, by 11 Nov)
Part D (ALL must do, by 11 Nov)

Travel Declarations for December holidays

Dear all,

Kindly declare your travel plans for Nov/Dec holidays. This is to ensure smoothness in communication in times of emergency.
Please do it by end of week 9. Thanks!

Travel Declarations for Year End 2011 (Sec 1)


Submit I&E Performance Task 3 (Group Presentation) Slides

Dear all,

kindly email me the slides that you had used for group presentation for the product to promote I&E in the school, for assessment purposes.


Mr Seth Tan

I&E Performance Task 3 (Group Product and Individual Pitching)

Dear people,

Below is the information for your I&E Performance Task 2. There are basically 2 sub-tasks. Below is the scenario:

TASK 1: Group Product

Please take note that the presentation on your group product to promote I&E will be on tomorrow (30 Sep, Week 3) during I&E lesson.

The groupings are:
Group A: 12, 9, 5, 7, 20, 13
Group B: 11, 8, 2, 22, 3, 4
Group C: 6, 1, 10, 16, 18
Group D: 14, 17, 15, 19, 21

The rubrics to be used for assessment are:

TASK 2: Individual Pitching

For your individual pitching, it will be done in Week 4, 7 Oct during I&E period.

The rubrics to be used for assessment are:

Mr Seth Tan

Travel Declarations for September holidays

Dear beloved students,

Kindly declare your travel plans for September holidays at this site.

A nil return is required, thanks.

Cheers, and have a good holiday!
Mr Seth Tan

20110815 (CE) Cyberwelless Activity 1: NETIZEN

Netizens are People that always make use of internet to participate on social and group activities. They may use the internet everywhere or anywhere.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of
(i) a good Citizen 
(ii) a good Netizen?


20110815 (CE) Cyberwelless Activity 2: About HACKING

Your thoughts on...

(1) What are the different "forms" of Hacking?

(2) What are your feeling (empathy) as a victim of Hacking?

Share your thoughts with the stickies (in the Linoit)
One sticky for each question.

20110815 (CE) Cyberwelless Activity 3: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Click HERE to access the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Suggest how you can be a civic-minded and responsible SST netizen? 

Post your thoughts in this blog post.

Seating Arrangement for Term 3

Hi guys, kindly revert back to the seating arrangement that was pre-agreed with you at the start of the term. Thanks!

Mr Seth Tan

S1-03 Class Meeting with the Principals

Dear beloved babes of S103,

The school principals will like to meet all of you as a class on the 17 Aug 2011 (next Wed) at 12.40pm.

All are to stay in class for the meeting, including those who are on Talent, Consultation or Support classes.

Mr Seth Tan

21st July - RHD cum I&E Bazaar

Dear all, kindly take note that there will not be any lessons tomorrow and thus no need to bring your learning device.

Please report as per normal days to the school hall for assembly tomorrow, thanks!

Bazaar Coupons

Yo guys,
I am suppose 2 write down the number of coupons that you guys wanna use on bazaar.
please write down on the comment section below how many coupons you want.

thank you

P.S. the coupons costs $2 per 1.

Last call to hand in report books

Dear students who had not submitted your report books,

Kindly do so asap and pass them to Jee Hoon. I'll need to call your parents to check why the report book was still not duly signed and returned back to the form teacher. A week has passed and repeated reminders given for you to respond promptly.

Thank you for your response,

Mr Seth Tan

IRS Blog

Hello guys!! ☺☺

I created the IRS Blog, bookmark it or something ok! And reminder again, those who havent submitted their emails to me, please do, or you cant post on the blog. (:

PS. I can't insert the link into the sidebar (on the right), so......


Hand in Report Books (duly signed by Parents) by Wednesday, 6 July

Dear all,

kindly submit your report books (in index no. order) to Deming by tomorrow. Thanks!

Mr Seth Tan

Temperature Taking Exercise on 30 June, Thursday

Dear all,

kindly take note that there will be a temperature taking exercise tomorrow morning. For students, temperature taking will take place in the classroom – in the standing Position. Please remember to bring your thermometer... people without thermometers will be in for trouble...

I will advise those without thermometers to purchase their thermometer by today (check the bookstore or your local department store). Let's be faithful in the small things so that we can do big things!

Mr Seth Tan

Update travel status (for June 2011)

Dear all,

Hi hi all, hope you have had a wonderful holiday, are well rested and still in one good piece... We are gearing up for the new term.... it's gonna be very very exciting I promise you...

First things first, will need your kind attention in updating your travel status for the June holidays. This is to help the school/ MOE keep track of where you had been and to activate the appropriate protocols and actions in case of a spread of epidemic/ etc.

Please do so by 27 June 2011 (Monday), 5pm.

Mr Seth Tan

Term 3 Timetable

Dear all,

Appended below is our class's new timetable for Term 3. Kindly refer to it, and take note of the new 'subject' that you will be taking.

Note: 'IRS' refers to Inter-disciplinary Research Studies

Digipen and Service Learning Forms

Dear All,
Please remember to submit the consent forms for the Digipen course and Service Learning Activities by tomorrow, Ms Choo will collect them in the morning.

End of Semester Survey for subjects

Dear all, kindly attempt the surveys below:

Register no 1 - 6 to do Math and I&E surveys

Register no 7 -12 to do Science, ADMT and Geog surveys

Register no 13 - 18 to do EL and S&W surveys

Register no 19 - 24 to do MTL and History surveys

Kindly complete it by today, 20 May 2011 (Friday)


CE lesson on 16 May 2011

Dear all,

Kindly use today's CE period to discuss about the next potential CIP that the class will like to do (probably during June hols or the first few weeks of Term 3). Loynes and Danish will be facilitating this class discussion session. They will be discussing with you on 3 things:
  1. Possible available dates for CIP (Exclude Week 2 and 3 of the June hols as they are "block out" weeks for the entire school)
  2. Nature/ Type of community service that we want to do
  3. Initial investigation/ information gathering (done by whole class)

On another note, as a continuation of our last CE lesson on elections, kindly do the following:
  1. Review the internet to find out about the post- General Elections public sentiments towards the inclusion of 6 WP politicians as new MPs in the PAP-dominated parliament and/or loss of PAP's contesting team at Aljunied GRC.
  2. Do up a table on Pages with two columns (Public Sentiments towards WP, Public Sentiments towards PAP), and summarise in point form, the public sentiments towards a new chapter in Singapore politics.
  3. Have a quick review on the political websites of each party in Singapore (e.g. PAP, WP, SDP, RP, NSP, SPP, etc.) and comment on how each party capitalises on the use of social media for all their political campaigning efforts. Put in your comment postings under this post.


CIP during June Holiday

Hi SoapDrones,
Please fill in the google form on the CIP blog by this Thursday.Please click the link below to enter the CIP blog.
The URL is

Health Check for S1-03

Dear all, below is the schedule for your health check. Greg, kindly ensure that all the health booklets had been collected and sent to the General Office.

Subject Teachers are instructed to grant the class to give an allowance of 5 minutes before the allocated time-slot for you to change into their PE attires before proceeding to the stated venue for health check.


1100 hrs


Our Space

Block A, Level 2

Collection of Report Books

Dear all,

On top of the posting to request for collection of health booklets, please submit the Report Books to Deming. If you have not purchased the report book, kindly buy a copy from the school bookstore, which I believe will not cost you more than $10. Deming, once you have collected all the report books, kindly also bring them to the General Office and pass to Ms Christine Quan.

Mr Seth Tan

Collection of Health Booklet for Health Check on 6 May (Friday)

Dear all,

We need to collect the Health booklets from all of you by tomorrow (3 May 2011) and send them to the General Office for safekeeping. Please submit your health booklets to Gregory, who will help to bring it to the General Office. Greg, kindly collate the names of students who either did not submit or do not have their Health Booklets with the office staff to track.

Thanks and regards,
Mr Seth Tan

Collection of Post-its feedback from the last Assembly session with Mdm Lee

Dear all,

kindly pass your post-it feedback from the last assembly session with Mdm Lee Shuik Ming to your class chairman.

Jee Hoon, please help me collect. Thanks!

Mr Seth Tan

How well do you get along with others? Rate yourself ☺

A letter to a gamer

Dear Adam,
You might disagree with me on this, but it’s crystal clear that you’re addicted to gaming. Please don’t try and deny this - accepting that you have a slight problem is your first step to stop being addicted to gaming. 
Now then, let me ask you a question. Would you rather live in a virtual world that never becomes a reality, or would you rather live in a real world, where things are all real? And do you really think that playing games like Minecraft are good for your eyesight? You’re in the SYFC, for crying out loud! Without good eyesight, you just cannot fly aircraft. Also, playing games too much will affect how you do in school, and your social life. You’ll lose your social skills, and, pretty soon, nobody would take you seriously.
I personally like MacBooks, and other Apple products. I understand that the MacBooks we own, those powerful works of art we carry to school everyday, are great tools, for learning and serious work, but also for gaming and slacking. I’m not saying that you can’t ever have fun on your Mac, but I realize that it is only as great as its user - and that’s us. We control what the MacBook does - if we use it wisely, it is a great tool and companion, but if we use it for excessive gaming and slacking, it can ruin our lives.
So please think about what I have said. I might sound un-cool now, but in 20 years, you’ll appreciate this letter.
Best Regards,
Balram Sharma

Letter to an addicted gamer?

Dear Lee Yong Lin,
I've noticed you have been addicted to Starcraft 2 recently.Your marks have been dropping because of this.I hope you will stop playing this game everyday as games do not do you any good.Thank You.

Your friend?,

Letter to a gamer

Dear Gamer,

I know that you are addicted to gaming. I know that it is difficult to stop gaming but you can try to stop gaming by playing lesser games and do other things that are better. Your results have been dropping and        
not interested in studies.When I speak to you seen to always talk about games and how good you are on gaming.Soon you might even skip school just to stay at home to play games.I hope that you can stop gaming and concentrated on your studies.

Yours Truly,
Loynes Poh

Gaming Addiction is Real~

Dear some other human,

I know this sounds awkward but face the facts, you are addicted to gaming. Well, sorta. I know that breaking a habit is tough but this is for greater good. I was once like this but I managed to break free on my own. It was a tough thing to do as I use the MacBook everyday so, its very tempting. Well, even though you say, “Wow, this guy was addicted and managed to break free. Maybe I can too so... I will just play first since I can break free later.” This kind of attitude is dangerous and you’ll find yourself getting more addicted and more addicted till you play for two or more days non-stop. Yeah, so once you or another person says that you are addicted, stop gaming at once and plan on how you can break this habit. Face it, ADDICTION IS REAL.

That’s all for now,

By Joshua.


Note:The author is not and never was addicted to gaming. All the stuff written here is fake and just for enjoyment. Nyah~:D

A Letter To A Gamer...

Dear imaginary person,

        I know that you are addicted to F1 game on Wii. You always want to play it until you beat the high score. 
        I'm very concerned about your studies. I know that playing games is to relieve stress but too much of gaming is not good for you. It could affect your grades. Don't waste your time playing. Instead spend your time bonding with your friends and family. So stop playing games. ok? :-)

Your friend,

A letter to a Gamer.

Dear Yong Lin,

I advice that you stop playing too much games. I see that the game you like to play is a very fun and strategic game. Even Allen, JeeHoon, Greg and I love to play that game.

We know that you’re addicted because looking at your achievements and level we know you play it often. I am concerned because I don’t wanna see you slack in your studies. Furthermore, it cost you money.

Strive for the best in academics as well as the game you play. <:

Your gaming friend,

Muhamad Danish

A letter to a Gamer

Some guy or whatnot,

I think you should not play games too much as it can affect your life and health in many ways. Im sure you know the bad things about gaming. You will start to neglect things which are important to you, like spending times with family and friends. Your results in studies will be affected too. You’ll spend too much time gaming that you don’t bother studying for tests and exams. You wont get enough sleep and rest. You spent so many hours on gaming which can actually be used for doing other things which are productive.

However, playing games are not wrong but don’t get too addicted.

- xx.

A letter to a gamer

Dear somebody
please stop playing games and start studying you got C5 and B4 in your science exam.
If you continue playing games on your Mac book then you will indefinatley fail.
Can you please stop gaming 

A letter to a gamer...

Dear Random Guy,

I see your addiction to games has worsened a lot. I fear that this is affecting your friendship with your friends. On top of that, you have changed a lot in your character. You get angry very easily. I think that this is the effect of playing too much games. I advice you to stop playing games anymore. Take care and please heed my advice.


Letter to gamer

Dear ******

          Don't be so addicted to gaming. You spend 4 Hours in front of the computer everyday, $7.50 every week. Stop gaming, its just a game. Gaming has no benefits, although it helps to relieve stress, you should not spend 4 hours in front of the computer. You will see what i mean someday...

Zong Han

A letter to a GAMER called MUHAMAD ALLEN

Hey Muhamad Allen,
I advise you stop playing Starcraft and Wild Ones and Uberstrike everyday before you finish your homework. You have gone to Supervised Studies 2 times already and all your results are going down. You have gotter 2/15 for your math test even though you got A* for you math in PSLE. I also realised you have become more vulgar over a period of time. I feel that gaming has affected you a lot. You have also become more tired everyday and cannot concentrate on your studies. Take care and stop being addicted.
Yong Lin

A Letter To A Gamer

Dear Lee Yong Lin

   How do you
     I know that you are addicted to Starcraft2.I regret introducing it to you. If I had not introduce the game to you, you would not have been addicted to it. *'I am sorry'*

    So I am concerned now your grades might be high but when the time comes, your grades will drop and you might have to drop school!!!!! I will try to help you by force deleting it with all my force every once a month.  *P.S if that works*
I can help you by forcing Jee Hoon to use you ask a dummy during T.K.D.

    Yours sincerely,
                 Allen Kim The Awesome

Letter to Zong Han

Dear Zong Han,
        I think that you should stop playing that much maplestory. Maplestory is not even a nice game and most people stop playing after awhile so those who continue are die-hard maplestory players. Playing maple does relieve stress and may be fun to you but because you play so much you will hurt your eyes even more. I think that you can play sometimes but you should improve your english by reading more books. As your  good friend i advise you to spend less time on maple and more time revising your work. I hope you heed my advice.
Your good friend, Howe Wee

A letter to Gamer...

Dear anonymous,
     You are spending too much time on gaming and your grades are falling. You better stop the addiction before you regret it. Please stop! I know it is difficult but you will get used to it soon. You might hate me for telling you this but it is for your own good and one day, you will thank me for this...

Dear Lee Yong Lin the Starcraft 2 addicted boy,

Dear Lee Yong Lin the Starcraft 2 addicted boy,

It is a good way to release your stress by gaming but playing too much is not good for your health. I suggest you to study or exercise more and cut down your time of playing Starcraft 2 and other games that you play.

Yours faithfully,
Jee Hoon

Dear ______,

I know that you are addicted to gaming. Don’t waste your time playing games - they’re not worth it. I used to be addicted to gaming and I regretted playing it every time I lay down in bed and reflected on what I had done.

Gaming is useless. You don’t get any benefits from them. So what if you reached the highest level? Someone probably achieved something else better that probably benefited the society. If you have a serious illness, would gaming save you? The time used for gaming can be used to find a cure for your illness. I hope you stop your addiction for gaming, it’s just worthless.

~ Sarah

A letter to a gamer

Dear Terrence,

 You have spent too many hours on this game: Minecraft. No matter where you are, you would keep talking about this game. It looks like you sleep late because of staying up to play this game. I know you are addicted .

Gaming non-stop has no benefits. You only feel tired and restless. Please stop now and focus on your studies and get good grades on your exams.

A letter to Marcus

Dear Marcus,

How are you? Are you still playing games so much such that you might not even reply to my letter?
I knew it all along. I hate to break it to you Marcus, but you are addicted. Yes, you are addicted. You have been extensively playing Minecraft at the expense of your health. Now you want to play Call Of Duty, how much worse can you get? Do you know what you are missing out on? all those hours can be used to have a good time with your family, or train for NAPFA, but you go home and plonk yourself in front of the computer and jump into your blocky world of Minecraft...
I know you want to say that I am addicted as well, but at least I control myself by limiting my playtime. You can fight addiction, its all up to you.

Its your life. Its your fight.
Its yourself.

From a fellow Minecrafter,